De moderne klassiekers van Classicon zijn collectors items – niet alleen de meesterwerken van gisteren, maar ook van morgen. Hun belangrijkste doel is om stukken te produceren die het potentieel hebben om op een dag klassiekers te worden. Deze stukken hebben waarde en zijn bedoeld om felbegeerde investeringen te worden voor toekomstige generaties.

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With high-quality materials, Classicon produces design furniture and accessories. Modern classics that are all collectors’ items. They strive for individual design articles which are not only original but also excel in perfection.


Next to well-known names as Eileen Gray and Eckart Muthesius, Classicon also strives to promote designs of new generations of designers and to present selected examples in its programme. A condition is that the chosen models comply with the indication “classic”. New designs and designers are always welcome.


Orcus is the brand of Classicon and stands for quality, individuality and a timeless aesthetic – regardless of passing fashions. More important than the level of fame the designer has achieved is a demonstrated fascination with new formal concepts.

This focus helps ClassiCon to continually discover exciting young designers. In the case of Konstantin Grcic, this has resulted in a long-term collaboration, from which the Munich-based designer benefited from the outset by including references to the iconic Eileen Gray in his Orcus secretary.

Eileen Gray Collection

ClassiCon produces and sells the Eileen Gray Collection as a worldwide licensee of Aram Designs Ltd, London. In the early 1970s, Eileen Gray began working with Zeev Aram to develop her furniture and lamps for mass production. In 1973, Eileen Gray signed a worldwide contract with Aram Designs, London, to put her designs into production for the first time.

Authentic replicas and limited editions.

Classicon guarantees the high quality of the pieces of classic collection furniture by marking them and numbering them consecutively. This so-called signature offers the buyer the assurance that the production is made of high quality materials and that the production method meets all ecological requirements. The Classicon logo assures the buyer that it is an authentic replica (limited edition) of the original and made with the permission of the rights holders.